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Disney's Technological Marvel: Unveiling Advertising Opportunities in Streaming

Updated: Feb 13

Disney has positioned itself at the forefront of technological innovation in the streaming landscape, offering valuable insights for advertisers seeking a compelling platform. 

The company's commitment to providing a seamless, engaging and personalized streaming advertising services was evident in the 2024 Global Disney Tech & Data Showcase, hosted on Jan. 10 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 

Disney Advertising positioned itself as a new giant in the programmatic advertising sphere during the event and might soon be the standard. Its novel cutting-edge technology makes it a formidable competitor of Google Ads and Meta Ads Manager, which have dominated the space for years. This marks new opportunities for advertisers to leverage Disney’s extensive — and loyal — user base when reaching their target audiences. 

A Triumphant Trio

A successful Disney+, driven by original technology, has created a global reach that transcends ad preferences. Users invest equal time in the platform whether they opted for an ad-free experience or not, a testament to its compelling content and advertising quality.

The combined 225 million subscriptions across Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ in 150 markets worldwide present a significant audience for advertisers. Disney's focus on advertising, which is enhanced by advanced ad tech, opens avenues for unique and impactful ad experiences.

ESPN also offers unparalleled opportunities. As the only platform with content from all major leagues and the host of ¼ of all sports views, ESPN should not be missed by brands with audiences interested in sports. 

Revolutionizing Ad Engagement

The introduction of a new shoppable TV ad experience provides advertisers with an unprecedented avenue to seamlessly connect with their audience.

Disney will use the rise of ‘second screens' — that is, using a second device while watching a TV show — to create frictionless advertising. Viewers will receive ad notifications directly to their second screens, ensuring continued engagement with the streaming content while having the option to explore and make purchase decisions.

This experience also takes emotional context into consideration, linking advertised products to related content on the screen.

“Reaching the right audience in just the right moment can be magic,” said Disney Advertising President Rita Ferro.

Automation and Precision Targeting

Within Disney's expansive technological framework and focus on ad automation opens up new horizons for advertisers. New tools provide real-time data and analytics that facilitate quicker and more informed decision-making.

Interoperability across the entire advertising ecosystem takes center stage in Disney's automation strategy. This approach ensures that advertisers can seamlessly navigate and leverage the entire spectrum of Disney's proprietary and partnered tools.

At the heart of Disney's advertising automation is the Audience Graph, a sophisticated tool that enables precise global audience segmentation and allows advertisers to deeply understand specific demographics. This function is complemented by the Clean Room Solution, another feature that helps advertisers get the most out of their first-party data.

In response to the evolving needs of advertisers, Disney is expanding its self-service capabilities. Users can now select targeting parameters, use third-party tags, and leverage upfront rates with a self-service framework that offers greater autonomy and control.

Advertisers should consider capitalizing on Disney's streaming ecosystem. These new, innovative tools can lead to meaningful advertising experiences and a rewarding partnership with the ever-evolving world of Disney streaming.

Photo Credits: The Walt Disney Company


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