Pete Barr’s Vision Comes Full Circle

For several years, Pete Barr, Sr., co-founder of Orlando agency, &Barr, envisioned something big. An in-house strategic communication agency affiliated with the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications, led by professionals, staffed by students and inspired by faculty. Through his early vision and sizable contributions, along with the support of many others, The Agency at UF was born in 2015. It’s a place where students are given the opportunity to be part of a real, working agency, while gaining invaluable experience. I was lucky enough to have been chosen to join The Agency during my junior year at UF and now, just months after graduation, I’m employed by &Barr as a junior copywriter, bringing Mr. Barr’s vision full circle.

During the two years I honed my skills as a copywriter at The Agency, I dreamt of the day I’d land my first agency job. Without the real-world ad experience I gained there, I may not have had the skills to get my dream internship, and later, a position at &Barr. Through my work at The Agency, I was able to grow my skills as a writer and bolster my portfolio. From brand building and messaging for a new barbecue sauce, to copywriting for real estate company, Dibros Construction, and work for other clients, I was able to strengthen my portfolio with diverse projects, adding much-needed work experience to my resume.

Being the first alumna of The Agency to work at &Barr, I know I’m part of something special, helping to fulfill the vision Mr. Barr had all those years ago, to give students the opportunity to graduate with the skills necessary to land their dream jobs. I’m part of a group of students who are dreaming dreams—and achieving them. I am proud to be a part of the collaboration between The Agency&Barr, and the success that we curate together.


Meg Rosenoff, junior copywriter at &Barr, graduated from the University of Florida with an advertising degree in May. Previously she worked for two years as a copywriter at The Agency at UF.