Millennials, The Product of a Digital World

I’ve pretty much grown up in a connected world. I was 12 when MySpace was launched. Subsequent years brought Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, smart phones, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat and so on. Every day it seems like a new social media platform comes along.

I wake up to the ping of incoming text messages and alerts. I share everyday experiences, thoughts and frustrations with hundreds of my friends with a click on my iPhone. Essays for school seem effortless because Google brings a world of information to my fingertips.

As a 21-year-old, like many of my younger millennial friends, I can hardly remember life without technology. I can’t imagine what it was like for older generations who relied on libraries, the postal service and landline telephones.

Technology connects me to the outside world and to friends I see every day. It has taught me to multi-task. I can simultaneously get ready for school, watch TV, monitor social media, write texts, and read the daily news digitally.

In many ways, technology defines who I am and how I think and form opinions. I trust my friends more than advertisers. I’d prefer to do business with companies that have a heart and serve a purpose for the betterment of mankind. I expect people and brands to be authentic. I want to work in a job I love, even if it means making less money.

I’m a millennial, the product of a digital world.


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