How Restaurants Can Feed Millennial Preferences

Everyone loves food. But there are certain things millennials look for in a restaurant that set them apart from older generations. Millennials are dining out more than generations before them- according to a report from Morgan Stanley, 53 percent of millennials go out to eat once a week, compared to 43 percent of the general population. So how can restaurants get this emergent generation through their doors?

Fresh and Authentic

Business Insider reports that while previous generations counted calories, millennials care more about food being “fresh, less processed and with fewer artificial ingredients.” Transparency is also key. To earn the trust and patronage of millennials, restaurants should list all ingredients, both natural and artificial.

Community and Responsibility

Millennials value businesses that give back to their communities and stand for something. They appreciate companies that support meaningful causes and practice good social ethics. They would be willing to spend more money at a restaurant that only uses local, organic, sustainably- or humanely-farmed ingredients, which is why there is so much demand for cage-free eggs, grass-fed cows and free-range chicken.

Brand Story

Millennials are foodies at heart and love to discover new food trends they can share with their friends. They are more likely to frequent restaurants with unique, trendy and tasty menu items that set them apart from passé chains. They appreciate companies with a strong brand story and want their experiences with food to be meaningful. According to a New York Times article, when millennials go out to eat, they want both their hearts and stomachs to be filled.

Millennials are now the largest generation in the nation. They will collectively spend $10 trillion in their lifetimes. It’s vital that restaurants take note of their preferences now in order to keep millennials hungry for more.


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