Dream On…

I’m a voracious dreamer. I look forward to going to bed at night because I never know what adventures await. I’ve been in outer space. I’ve revisited places where I once lived and interacted with friends from long ago. I sometimes even visit my parents, who passed away several years go. I have ridicules conversations in outlandish circumstances. It’s like having the Big Screen inside my head.

I believe dreaming is a creative outlet. It’s a coming together of particles of thoughts and experiences that would never merge in real life. It’s a free flow of ideas, images and words; storytelling at its best.

Because dreaming is such an important part of my life, I put up a sign in The Agency, where I work, that says in bold letters: “DREAM”. It’s a powerful statement for us all, particularly for the bright, eager young University of Florida students who make up The Agency’s Team. It challenges us to THINK BIG, to be unafraid of our own ambitions.

A life without dreams would be a hollow, unfulfilling existence. Dreamless people are like tumbleweeds who go wherever the winds take them, directionless, purposeless, empty.

Dreamers fuel innovation. They blaze new trails and disrupt stale business concepts. They keep life interesting.

Have the courage to dream and success will follow. I guarantee it.


Andy Hopson

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